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Work With Me

Looking for a personal guide to aid you on your path? Embrace a bespoke experience with my 1:1 coaching, designed to align with your individual odyssey and aspirations. Be it the quest for serenity in the aftermath of trauma, liberation from the burdens of anxiety, or a newfound sense of vitality that you seek, allow me to journey with you towards a harmonious union of the mind and body.

A shadow of anxiety looms over you, a never-ending storm of stress and overwhelm. Panic attacks assail you, leaving you feeling untethered from the present, disconnected from your own being, and those around you.

Is this You?

Trapped within the labyrinthine loops of your bonds, the echoes of trauma reverberate endlessly, spinning webs of emotions, thoughts, and actions that overwhelm and vex.

The corporeal realm eludes you, as you find yourself at odds with sensations of discomfort, pain, and tension. The disconnect deepens, and you feel lost in a realm of numbness, frozen, and dissociation from the vessel you inhabit.

Candice's Method

Discover the keys to unlock a tranquil mind and overcome panic through practical tools.

Unravel the mysteries of the nervous system and embrace a life of balance and harmony.

Harness your inner communicator and cultivate healthy relationships by mastering the art of clear communication.

Infuse your daily life with spiritual practices to nourish your soul and create a sanctuary of peace.

Empower yourself to take meaningful steps toward healing and wellbeing, and rediscover the safety of being at home in your own body. I am honored to guide you on this journey to self-discovery and inner peace.


Should you seek to plunge into the depths of your being and enact profound transformations in both your existence and nervous system, engaging in a six-week journey with Candice, complete with hour-long sessions, is the optimal choice. Online or in person.

Work with me for 6 weeks. 690


Book a single session 

Behold a wondrous path to attune thy mind to the bounty of thy life, carving a trail towards a future of marvels. Or, if thou hast already treaded this path, and seek further guidance, let us venture forth together for an hour, weaving spells of support and growth. Online or in person.


Are you seeking to unleash your body's natural healing power and rid yourself of trauma's shackles, yet feel lost in the enchanted woods of the unknown? Take the first step towards your journey of transformation. To book a session online or in person click the link below.

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