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A night for your inner guidance

Coming again this fall

Investment $97

Through the healing powers of microdosing with psilocybin, breathwork, journaling, sound therapy and meditation you'll venture on a transformative journey towards self-awareness and your inner guidance. Our specially designed evening will help you develop strategies for working with your younger parts, combating anxiety, and overcoming overwhelm while doing this work. It's more than just a an evening - it's an opportunity to cultivate joy, inner peace, and a robust sense of well-being.



With intentional microdosing in a sacred held environment you will open your heart and connect on a deeper level to your inner child. Candice is a practitioner who certified to work with the sacred medicine.

Breath and movement

To work deeper with your nervous system we will be doing Breathwork and gentle movement with the practice of Kundalini. This is a beautiful way to move through the body and release and stuck energy.

Image by Alex Hiller

Sound therapy

Using crystal singing sound bowls you will go into a deep relaxation. We will guide you through this sound ceremony where you will take a gentle journey with your inner child. This is a beautiful to start the healing process with your younger parts.

Meditation and Journaling

We will guide you through deep self inquiry journal prompts and mediation to connect deeper to your heart .  This is will be the integration portion of the evening. Followed by circle share (if you wish to share). We will have a beautiful fire and burning ceremony.


Candice Stussi
Spiritual Coach. Breathwork coach, Psychedelic Facilitator

Candice is a spiritual life coach. She has worked with hundreds of men and women.

Candice is trained in poly vagal theory and dedicated years to her studies in the nervous system.

Her work with plant medicines is to guide individual's on their path of healing and transformation.

She is trained in Psychedelic counselling and facilitating for groups and privates.


Shannon Stewart

Lunar Mentor, Circle Facilitator,

Intuitive reader


Shannon holds a beautiful and safe space guiding women to connect back into their hearts, their core, their truest versions of themselves.

She leads you to you to connect to the moon so you can connect deeply with your feminine energy to uncover the shadows and heal within.

You will be guided to coming back home to yourself so you can rise up with confidence.

Meet your facilitators

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