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Semicircle of Crystals


NINA AND CANDICE WELCOME YOU TO OUR DAY RETREAT IN                            COURTENAY B.C JUNE 10TH 10a.m. - 3:30p.m.                                      

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When you arrive you will be greeted with a healthy smoothie and tea.  The property is surrounded with trees and lots of grass space where you can start to unwind and connect with Mother Nature. Honour the closing of spring and welcome the summer with this energizing and revivifying yoga practice with Nina. In preparation of the upcoming celestial transition that is summer solstice we will move through a radiant practice that includes ritual, movement meditation, surya namaskars (sun salutations), and pranayama. This practice is designed to help us attune with the natural rhythms of this time, honour the wisdom and lessons of the spring, and celebrate and harness the expansive and vital solar energy of summer. 



We will be serving an organic healthy meal with local seafood along with local cold brew tea. This will be a beautiful time to sit under a tree or connect with your fellow yogis. Gluten free, dairy free as well as vegan options to meet your dietary needs will be honoured.

Fall Salad


After lunch we will begin our yin yoga practice. Ground down, relax, open the body and restore - mind, body and spirit. You will be led through a mindful practice, primarily floor based, with long holds and supportive adjustments. The sun will be shining and you will grounding with Mother Earth like a warm hug, allowing all your muscles to release, relax and let go. 


Candice will be taking you through a cocao ceremony with crystal singing bowls. You will start with your cocao to open your heart chakra and set an intention for your ceremony. Crystal singing sound bowls will take into a deep state of relaxation. Sound therapy helps to clear any stuck energy in your nervous system and can have profound effects of healing. You will leave feeling relaxed and reset.

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Join us

Join us for a day to connect and reset

Nina and Candice have made a day just for you. We have heard the call from the community and created this for the women who love yoga at any level. Join us for beautiful food, yoga, community and relaxation.

Invest is $66

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