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Welcome to The Community where you get supported and learn the tools to start your integration process.

Your journey

If you have been working with plant spirit medicine or feeling the call of their healing capabilities. And you know you're ready to do the work in your relationships, healing trauma, overcoming addictions and living a life with purpose and peace. We, as facilitators on the quest of life to deepen your awareness in all areas, integration is the key point of your Victory.  

Or you don't know where to start and can sometimes feel a bit lost and need guidance and support. 

You're here at the right place!


Bridging the medicine into your daily life

The Community is held by Sita Rose who is an experienced Curandero Shaman alongside her sister Candice who is a life and spiritual coach.


This is a safe community where space is held and tools are given. Plant spirit daily life integration. This is a container where you can interact with other members of the community, a sacred space where you and other community members can connect. 

We start March 8 at 6pm every second Wednesday. All calls will be recorded and sent your inbox. Membership can be joined at anytime.


Sita Rose

Sita Rose has worked closely with Indigenous healers of the Amazon Shipibo tribe. Her studies and dedication to the rituals and way of living have moved her into the shamanic path. Where the teachings come from the unseen communication of the spirit, animal, and plant elemental kingdoms which all lead back to the source.  


She works as Cuendero with the help of plant energy to assist in divine prayer, icaros, mantra &  ancient technology for cleaning her patients and the earth.

What you will get:

Bi-weekly live Zoom calls (recordings are available if you can't join the live session)

Learning about your nervous system and the tools on how to live in a calm & joyful state

Learn about the plant medicine and the power of dieta

Learn how to navigate and heal with Candice as well as what the plant medicine can do for you

Explain the inner landscape of your vision

Learn to decode your ceremony

Understand the insights on deepening your connection with the plant medicine

Opportunity to share your experience with our sacred community in a safe environment

Learn about the importance of preparing your vessel for the ceremony

Learn about the importance of preparing your vessel for the ceremony


Candice stepping on rock.jpg

I work with humans to assist in their healing journey. Medicine integration is just as important as the medicine itself. I am here to bridge the gap between the spirit world and the 3D world.


I am here supporting the community through regulating your nervous system and teaching you practical tools that you can use in your everyday life. When we work with the medicine the big work comes after and I am here to teach and help you how to have healthy relationships, regulate your nervous system through somatic and coach you through with whatever is coming up. 

Join us today and be a part of the wonderful community where you belong and meet others on the same path as you. Supporting one another is part of plant medicine.


Investment: $47/month
This is a monthly membership and can cancel it anytime.

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